Alternatives to Blue Painters Tape

In our sunny island of Singapore, blue painters tape are expensive and quite hard to find. So we started on the search for alternatives to Blue Painters Tape supplied MBI.

We thought, why not just use the good old fashioned masking tape?

These are the 3 masking tapes we ended up getting.


This is the masking tape without branding.


If you notice, the surface of the masking tape is quite different from the original blue painters tape. The results of using this tape to print was not very good. The 1st layer of prints couldn’t really adhere to the surface of the tape.


The next contender is SKP Masking tape.


This brand of masking tape is slightly sticker than “brandless” one. But it is still not as good as the original blue painters’ tape.


Finally, the Nippon Paint Masking tape. This is the best among the 3 masking tape that we have bought.


If you notice the surface of this particular masking tape, the surface roughness is quite comparable to the original blue painters tape. The layers were able to stick to the surface nicely. Actually sometimes, we find it too sticky that we had difficulty removing the printed part from the masking tape and some of the masking tape actually gets stuck to the printed piece!


What do you think? What is your experience of trying different brands of painters tape or masking tape?  Do drop your comment!