CD Stem Project

Here’s something which we wanted to post about but really dragged our feet on!

This piece, dubbed the CD Stem, was meant to be a simple, geometric piece which can be used to hold up CDs or even DVDs which we tend to use a lot less in this age where media is more commonly consumed in its pure digital form. Think of that like downloading music tracks from iTunes, and then transferring it to your music device, all the while never having to fumble or hassle with a physical medium or object anymore.

So we wanted to have a way to create a simple and meaningful way for collectors who still treasure having the physical discs to display and showcase their collection. Much like how while comics can be read digitally on tablets, there will still be collectors who take pride and joy in collecting their comicbooks month to month, where the comic book itself becomes more art than a medium.


So, this is the simple design of the piece, which holds your CDs angled at 45 degrees. It’s built to be stable, sturdy and yet unassuming to allow the CD and its glorious artwork to take center stage. The 45 degree bend is also a deliberate choice to allow for this stand to be mounted from walls or even ceilings (probably with some good ol’ 3M padded double-side tape), all while maintaining a consistent display and viewing angle.


A quick shot from the side of the CD Stem with the CD being affixed on it.


And this is how your CDs will magically be held up when it’s in use! =)

If you really like this piece and would like to have it, here are 2 options on how you could do that:

1) If you have access to a 3D Printer, you could grab it off Thingiverse over here and start churning out pieces for yourself –

2) If you have no access to a 3D Printer, and/or would like to support us and make sure we have some beer (design juice!) from time to time, we’ve also made this piece available for purchase over here from our very own Funbie Store

We hope everyone enjoys using it to bring their CDs out of their dusty jewel cases and to make nice displays out of them. Do show us what you’ve done with them, too!

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