Hanging out at the Singapore Makers Meetup – 30 May

Once again, it’s that geeky bi-monthly time for the Singapore Makers Meetup, organized by William!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Intro

With a few short introductions like some PSAs for the upcoming Singapore Mini Maker Faire, we’re up and off running for the amazing lineup of speakers for the night.

Singapore Makers Meetup - The Gentlemen's Press

The first “speaker”, Michelle Yu, kind of did her thing virtually through a video. Michelle runs a letterpress setup, called The Gentlemen’s Press which is really really cool. Here’s the video which was shown, in the spirit of sharing awesome stuff:


Singapore Makers Meetup - Ben Tang

Next up was Ben Tang, hardware hacker extraordinaire, who was on hand to share more on the a wooden CNC machine he is currently putting together; which has affectionally been dubbed the “Mark II” (Iron Man fans will get this one!). According to Ben, it’s a much improved model as compared to the earlier iteration, which suffered issues such as vibrations and overruns.

Singapore Makers Meetup - Ben Tang, showing base of CNC Machine

Here Ben flips his contraction around to show some of the techno-wizardy which is sited at the bottom of the machine. Ben hopes that with the low costs of these machines (under $200), they can be quickly and widely adopted by schools to allow the students to build their own machines and create stuff with them! Also, depending on the tool which is mounted on the central z-axis gantry, the machine can be used either for additive or subtractive purposes. That’s pretty neat!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Ben Tang, displaying microscopy shots

As a second thing, Ben also plays around with microsopy and showed off both some of the images captured with his microscope (using his phone camera mounted over the lens) and also shared some insights on polarized illumination microsopy which gave AMAZING images!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Don Bosco

Don Bosco from Super Cool Books was up next to share more about his adventures in getting his childrens books out there in the hands of what he say the industry terms as “reluctant readers”, basically kids who don’t start off with liking to read in the first place! Wow, that’s a challenge if we ever saw one!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Don Bosco

Through a lot of observations and iterations in how he approached his childrens’ book publishing efforts, with the help of his two young kids, Don gradually pushed through and learnt a lot about how to make his contents more interesting for the kids, and also finding new models and ways of doing things which the traditional publishing industry still has not come around to picking up.

Singapore Makers Meetup - Don Bosco

What really struck us in his presentation was his idea of “discover and invent”, which means to sideline all secondary decisions and spend time to discover and observe what the audience is really looking for, and then inventing exactly that for the market. Don does these well with tools such as social media, analytics and rapid protoyping. It is indeed refreshing and heartening to hear a so much more concretely put explaination of our ideals for Funbie Studios as what Don has touched upon. But then again, he’s a writer, ya? 😉

Singapore Makers Meetup - Javier Su from SUTD

Javier from SUTD came in as the fourth speaker of the night. As a first year student from the university, Javier basically did a pretty great job of making all in the house envious of what he and his team (of 3) has been able to do and achieve in just the first year! Basically, its was flurry of explanations of projects ranging from hexacopters, to 3D scanning and 3D printing, to materials prototyping to software programming.

Singapore Makers Meetup - Javier Su from SUTD

Here’s once of Javier’s own projects which is a system to help keep track of all the events which are happening over at SUTD.  Can’t say that the thought of somehow enrolling in SUTD didn’t cross our minds during his talk!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Kiki Tay

Last but not least (pardon the cliche!) for the night is is magician/entertainer/electro-wiz, Kiki Tay. A veteran performer, Kiki brings a very unique and interesting electronics and laser magic to his performances, with many custom built contraptions and devices!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Kiki Tay

Here we all are enthralled by his presentation giving glimpses into some of the curcuits he has designed. Smoke devices, lasers, LEDs and microcontroller stuff all seem like cakewalk to him!

Singapore Makers Meetup - Kiki Tay

And as a last hurrah, Kiki demostrats his newly completed LED jacket with patterned light displays. The picture here really doesn’t do the jacket any justice! What a way to end the night!

Star Trek 3D Print by Elvin

And here’s something from a fellow 3D printer, Elvin, fresh out of his MakerBot Replicator 2 also – the Star Trek Emblem. Well, that’s what we hope we’ll all be doing – to boldly go where no man has gone before!

Keep on making and hacking everyone! =)


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