Singapore 3D Printing Meetup

A quick writeup and wrapup on the Singapore 3D Printing Meetup which was just held yesterday (21 May 2013) at Artistry Cafe! It was awesome to have so many folks in the Singapore 3D design, modelling and printing community down with us to gawk over the models, share more and basically just geek out over things.

Wonderful Coffee and 3D Printed Jewelry

A fantastic cuppa before the event starts; always wonder coffee (and later on, beer!) to be had at this place.

Assortment of 3D Printed Stuff

Some quick initial laying out of the 3D printed pieces, some of which were generously loaned by Shapeways showcasing all the various cool models and materials which they provide 3D printing service for. Stuff like:

Rhizome Cuff by Nervous Sysems

A very organic looking bracelet designed by Nervous Systems

Crania Anatomica Filigre by Joshua Harker

The ever famous 3D Print of Joshua Harker’s Crania Anatomica Filigre

3D Printed StrandBeest

The wildly amazing mechanical StrandBeest by Theo Jansen.

Bathsheba Grossman Silver Jewelry

Wonderful silver 3D printed piece by Bathsheba Grossman

Modibot by KidMechano

A super fun and poseable (as you shall see a little later on) Modibot by KidMechano

Egg Holder and Minecraft House

A (holy smokes) 3D printed, full coloured sandstone Minecraft house which can be dissambled, sitting next to our PLA printed egg holder for comparison.

Trobok Toys

Amazing piece designed and 3D printed by Rick Treweek from Trobok Toys on a Makerbot Replicator 1!

3D Printed Someone Set Us Up The Bomb

One of our fun pieces from some time back. and of course….

Success Kid and Bomb

we always have a blast of a time with memes …

Crowd at Singapore 3D Printing Meetup

Later into the night, as the crowd gathered, there was a lot of discussion and sharing about the various stuff which everyone is doing… And of course a lot of drooling over the 3d printed pieces themselves. Seems like there are a lot of 3D printer operators out there, and even more folks who are looking to get their hands on some. Schools also seem to be picking up strongly on this new technology so that’s a giant plus for kids these days!

Crowd at Singapore 3D Printing Meetup

More amazing custom designed models shared by Lionel and Rick. See that cubish Trobok rabbit on the table? That was 3D printed on a Replicator 1 in ABS and houses a Raspberry Pi and other cool electronic geekry in there…. Awesome!

Modibot with Skull

And here are the obligatory messing around shots when you get a lot of cool 3D printed models, in a room full of creative and fun loving people who are either hitting it up with caffiene and beer. Skully the Modibot, anyone?

Mobibot with Bomb

And yes, it’s like most people cannot get enough of the Modibot,

Modibot with Bacon

Just as like us,. the Modibot dragon couldn’t get enough of this 3D printed mobious bacon strip!

Success Kid All Lit Up

And as the party died down, its a wrap with us just messing around with stuff like lighting Success Kid up from the bottom to get blue glows in his eyes…. Great success!

Got a couple of more photos over here on our Singapore 3D Printing Meetup Facebook Album, so do check them out there too.

We had so much fun at the meetup, met so many cool folks and sharing and heard so many neat ideas for what to do next!

That’s all folks, until the next Singapore 3D Printing Meetup then! =D

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