3rd Singapore 3D Printing Meetup Wrapup

Singapore 3D Printing Meetup July 2013

And it was the bi-monthly time again when a bunch of nutty 3D printing enthusiaists congregate the for (rapidly growing!) Singapore 3D Printing Meetup, conveniently located and nicely hosted but the awesome crew from Artistry! Look, they even did up a nice chalkboard sign for us outside the cafe to drum up more interest and to guide everyone in! =D


As always, this meetup has and will always be about the community coming together in an open fashion and sharing ideas, thoughts, inspirations, models and even hiccups faced along the way. No matter if one is a very experience 3d printing veteran or just fresh to the scene and intrigued by what this whole hullabaloo is about; this is the time and place to really check stuff out and meet other likeminded people in the community.


And as it always is, the evening typically starts off with a calm cuppa coffee to chill out before things get really pumped up with the crowds coming in. Sometimes the display pieces also chill out along us during the setup process.



Come around 7, just before the bulk of our community came in, we had a nice crew from Mediacorp come in to cover some aspects of this event. It’s always great to be able to share about the things we do with the public at large so guess we couldn’t have asked for more than a televised coverage I suppose? =)



But more importantly was the geeking out and sharing that went around the table. Many craned necks and strained eyes throughout the night as everyone gazed intently at the various printed pieces on display. Once again, many cool models from Lionel and also some very geometrically designed and printed architectural facade models from Adriel showcased the potential of 3D printing here. Also many thanks to Chen Yang for bringing down some Minecraft models to showcase too!

Shapeways Elasto Plastic


The highlight of the night was of course the recently announced and released Elasto Plastic Material from Shapeways. Didnt catch good shots of all of the models during the event but here are 2 of the samples which was showcased at the meetup. Formed by the regular Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing process by Shapeways, these offer a rubbery/flexible choice of material, and it will be interesting to see what new items will get designed for and printed in this!


Back to the round table of awesomeness, the crowd really gathered steam late into the night and it felt like we had a good 40-50 strong turnout! in the front of the picture, the cool facade model by Adriel is being examined in depth. =)


Couldn’t have asked for more but probably did not have the chance to speak to one and all – so do ping us if you’ll like to reach out to us but didn’t get a chance at the event!


Even as things tapered off for the night, it is always interesting to see how folks have been playing with and handling the models – everytime we have this meetup, we get creative juxtaposition of the models by creative peeps who felt they kind of go together. Here’s one minion with a stretchlet sash!

In all, it was a fantastic night of meeting and speaking with all the cool folks out there. There is definitely a sense of very very quick growth and continued passion and excitement in this circle, which probably explained the large turnout which does somewhat posed a happy problem for us in terms of the venue space! Much appreciated also for those who came forward and popped some great suggestions and thoughts on how we could better structure this event (heh, it was a pretty formless one really!) for its next run. All of these are noted and yeah, we may see a slight evolution of the meetup for the next time round sometime in Mid-Late August (watch out for it!)

And so, that’s all folks – till next time and also catch some of you over at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire! =)


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  1. I am a newbie in 3D Printing. Just bought a Makerbot Replicator 2. Still learning the rope. Can you please invite me to the next meetup on 3D printing?

    1. Post

      Hi Alfred, sure thing and we’ll love to have you with us the next time we have the Singapore 3D Printing Meetup! You can simply subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to be kept updated when we do our next run! Hope to see you then! 😉

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