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  1. I’d like to hang a GoPro camera with one of these ball joint sets from my drone.
    Any chance I can buy one?

    1. Post

      Actually the 3D files for printing are right on the thingiverse website so please feel free to go right ahead and download them and maybe get a friend or perhaps a makerspace or school who can help you 3d print it? That may be the best way to get it fast 🙂

  2. Hi,

    What is the opening hours of the store? Was there last Friday at arounf 7pm, but was closed.

    1. Hi Wai Meng,

      We are typically around from noon thru 7+ but think we left earlier that day for some event (oppps!). Sorry about that!

      If you need anything in particular, do feel free to reach out to use at too!

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