Story of the Kangaroo Cup

This is a story about a little girl who wanted to make a difference for her granddad who unfortunately has tremors due to Parkinsons and kept spilling stuff. Also for her dad who is a klutz.

It’s an amazing journey of her seeing the need for a solution, creating prototypes after prototypes in her clay studio, and then funding her product by kickstarter and finally getting a production fun in China with the help of her dad, so that many others out there can also benefit from helping this product make their lives simplier.


We are launching this project to fund our first production run of 1000 pieces. The samples pictured here and in the video are 1st production samples made at the same facility that will do the production run. The facility we’ve selected for this first run is not a mass production, low cost factory, but a high quality porcelain producer that generally makes decorative vases and tea pots and such. They make the kind of ceramics that JingDeZhen is famous for: “white as jade, bright as a mirror, and harmonic as a bell.” In addition, because they are high temperature fired, they are stronger and less porous that standard ceramics. This makes them more hygienic, easier to clean and harder to stain.

We chose JingDeZhen for our source because of the high quality and the ability of the artisans there to help us work through our initial production issues. If the project is successful, we will likely need to move to more conventional manufacturing sources to reduce cost, but today, JingDeZhen China provides a nice reward for our early supporters.

Oh, and she’s just 10! Precious! =)

Go check out their indiegogo page for more details.

[via: Boing Boing]


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