Replicator 2 – The Review Part 1 – The Enclosure and Built Platform

Front LED Panel of Replicator 2

    Whole Replicator 2 Enclosure

The Makerbot Replicator 2 comes in a sleek black finishing. Replacing the wood chassis used for previous generations is the new powder-coated metal chassis. The whole construction is very sturdy. One thing to note though is that when you are printing, it is better to leave the Replicator 2 on a sturdy table to get better results. This is because when the printer is printing, the extruder actually moves at quite a high speed and generates quite a fair bit of vibration which may mess with the printing.

Also, we noted there’s a fair bit of dust at the back of the printer. We are not sure if its coming from the other components that ships with the printer or the dust from the laser cutting of the enclosure.


Replicator 2 Bolts

Every bolt on the printer is solid, something which we would have expected. We did not notice any bolt that were loose in the main frame of the printer. We also noticed that the bolts were of grade 12.9.  We were just wondering if they are kind of overkill for this application? One improvement I would want if probably to do without the allen key fasteners and use countersunk ones? Just nitpicking, though it was nice that the allen keys were also provided for regular tightening of these parts of it came to that.

Front of Machine

Front LED Panel of Replicator 2

Right at the bottom right corner of the printer, you will noticed the LCD panel and the buttons for operating the printer. The slot for the LCD seems a bit too far out for our liking. Seems that the tolerances for mounting the LCD is a bit too much? Or they could probably touch it up with some sort of sealing at the edges?

Snake Print in Progress

The LED Panel is also a useful indicator of the progress of print jobs as they take place.

Side of Machine

Side Of Replicator 2

Nothing much on the sides. Basically slots for you to access the printer, and perhaps get a somewhat all round view when your piece is printing.

Back of Machine

Back Of Replicator2

Makerbot Industries has done a real good job in hiding the electrical wires. You can barely see them from the front of the printer. All you see is the feed tube and the black control cable extending nicely from the extruder all the way to the back of the printer.

Replicator 2 Crooked Sticker

You will notice there is a tag at the back of the printer. We couldn’t help noticing the fact that ours was pasted in quite a rush? It’s slightly crooked (once again, our OCD is kicking in). Even though it’s a minor issue, we would expect more from one of the top companies as of now?

Replicator 2 Power Cable

One thing to note is that if you are outside the US and getting the Replicator 2, you’ll probably need to get a powerplug adaptor as the machine ships with standard US plugs only. The other end which fits into the power adaptor appears to the be the standard kind which you plug into monitors. So perhaps there is a chance that you can just swap out the cable for a standard computer monitor power cable.


But we just grabbed an adaptor like the one above – another option if like us, you’re not in the US.

Replicator 2 Power Brick

And here’s the very large power brick. Like an oversized one for laptops so nothing special to see here. Moving along …

Ports at Back of Replicator 2

On the left  bottom corner of the back of the machine, you would see the power button, and ports for the USB Type B cable (with the other conventional Type A head connected to your computer or laptop) and what seems to be a standard connection power cable. Pretty convenient, at least to us?


Replicator 2 – The Review Part 2 – The Spool, Feed Tube and Printing Mechanism

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