Friday Night Printing with Replicator 2

Levelling With Painter Tape

It’s Friday again so its print night for us! The painter tape has just come in from MBI so we managed to get 3 pieces cut 1 piece in half and pasted on the build plate, which fit and covered just about most of the area of the build platform which we normally use. After applying the painter’s tape, it’s important to level the build platform again.

Levelling With Painter Tape

A slight caveat here – remember how the levelling is done at different points on the build platform? So, if you’re a scrooge like us, make sure the the tape at least covers the points where the nozzle will be coming down for the levelling calibration – i.e.: you wouldn’t want some of the points where the nozzle comes down to be on the tape while other points are on the untaped part of the build plate.

We lucked out this time but will be making sure that it’s gonna be all ok the next time we need to reapply the tape 😉

Another new tool we’re going to introduce is the scrapper tool (is that what it’s called? We’re going to have the check with the package) which we got for a measly 2 bucks from Daiso.

Putty Knife

With this, it is pretty to slowly angle and slide a corner under the piece and then gently twist to lift it off the plate. Between the painter tape and the scrapper, removal of pieces was really much simpler.

Part Removal with Putty Knife

Moving on to another print, we tried to do a nice miniature chair piece by PrettySmallThings which was on Thingiverse –  We tried the one on the left.

On a side note, after getting print after print done on the Replicator 2, the nozzle sometimes would stop extruding and one does get very familiar with the unload and reload filament drill 😉

PLA Filament Reloading Drill

So the start of the build kicked off well, with the bottom of the four legs getting printed out first. According to some reviews, the model did not require rafts of supports so we decided to put the machine to the test. We sliced the model on medium settings on MakerWare for a faster print.

Chair Initial 3D Print

Aha, things started to go wonky a little down the road where one of the legs got plucked off by the moving extruder and got kicked out of place. We decided to continue to print to see how it goes.

Chair Printing Halfway

Halfway through with the printing and yes, the printer managed to get back on track, somewhat…

Finished Chair

And here’s the finished print. It’s amusing to see that this chair has a kind of floating leg portion and a lot of loose filament (spider webs, anyone?) all over the place.

Chair Final Spider Webs

Final shot of the chair from the front:

Finished Chair

Closeup of the webbing which formed between the spokes of the chair. Not sure if we’re getting something wrong here but definitely something we’re going to check out. We are thinking it could be due to the fact that we are printing something small and at medium quality. Perhaps a higher quality setting or slower printing speed may help fix this?

Ah well, that’s all for tonight … Maybe more tomorrow 😉

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