3D Printing Presentation at Singapore Management University

Funbie Studios Presentation

A quick post on the fantastic opportunity to speak at a course on Technology and World Change at Singapore Management University today, giant thanks to lovely Dr. Zhang Man for the invite. And yes, she did have the misfortunate of knowing 2 very crazy dudes, which must have subconciously led her to the stability of academic life =P


First up was a great buddy, Renzhi sharing what he is working on at GenieAgent  a multi-lingual, multi-platform interface that provides customer service 24×7 via a Saas-based Q&A application. Fantastic stuff, with many practical applications now already, but much more kickass value to come from that soon!


Here I am selling the 3D Printing Kool-Aid, running the gamut from the definition, history, to applications and implications of 3D Printing. What was cool to note was that there were already students who have researched and presented on this very topic. A large assortment of very thoughtful and curious questions too!

Funbie Studios Presentation

Last to give it a go is Kevin from Crowdonomic a new crowdfunding platform based in Singapore, not a novel concept but something which could be cool for project organizers and creative people who have something to put out there. Who knows, there may be 3D printed pieces appearing over there soon *wink wink*


And what’s a show and tell without the regular showoff pieces, so here are the regular travelling circus pieces – the dune windtrap, twisted brick, minion and the Dreambane Sabre!


All in, it was a fantastic time to have been able to spend time chatting with the students – many great questions and thoughts were flying around in the room (like how girls would love to have 3D printing apply for clothes, which actually may not be that far off!)

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