Funbie Studios @ FORK – 28 Feb


It was a pleasure for us to be able to present at the very first FORK event by Syinc, hosted by the wonderful guys from Artistry (wonderful cafe  near Bugis, so do visit them!)

2013-02-28 15.49.36

Got there pretty early so here’s how the place looks before the event started.

Giant Robot

As a special last minute thing – here’s a giant robot cardboard structure from Bart! Great fun fixing it up with him, not so great due to the hot weather, but it sure was a crowd pleaser and a fantastic “HERE BE FORK” directional landmark!


Getting closer into the night, the presentations began, and what a privilege to be able to share with everyone about the various random stuff we have been working on, but spent a lot more time sharing about a very special Mario Cube project which saw the development start off with a lighted, electronic-powered acrylic cube which has since evolved to a couple of versions of 3D printed Mario Cubes!

Funbie Exhbits

Two barstools hundled together in the corner made do as a table to show off some of the printed stuff we did, and also the very large and lit up Mario Cube (lights, sound and all)! And yes of course, Funbie giveaway gears for all!


But of course, the best part about FORK is just listening to all the various ideas and projects which others have been working on! Apologies for not having more photos (I’m sure the organizers will soon have some great photos up, and we’ll link over to there too when that happens) but we were all too engrossed with listening to what everyone else had to say!

Here’s a very intersting new idea ( which is set to be a fantastic platform for people to sell their items and support charity with the proceeds. Yeah, so do go on and check them out, and support them.


Being the very lousy photographers we are, we’ll leave off with one final, decent shot of another cardboard giraffe which was setup by Bart outside the venue. Looks like he almost fits in naturally!

Most importantly, we hope that this will be a start of a series of fantastic FORK events ahead. Together with many of the existing and upcoming grassroot events such as the Maker Meetups, Maker Faire, other Handmade events, meetups and Open Mics, there is something very very important which is showly brewing. And that is how ideas and passions have started to blend and bubble together in Singapore. With different people working with various crafts, processes, tools, concepts and ideas, all these crossroad-events have become incredibly charged with possibilities, fueled by the passion and imaginations of the very many folk who come to, share about and throw out new ideas.

Once again, it’s a very fantastic day and age we live in, and we continue to be kept in awe and inspired by all the cool stuff out there and done by the very many different people, some of whom we’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting today. We definitely look forward to working with everyone on cool stuff really really soon! =)


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