Funbie Studios chilling at FORK 2

It’s so awesome to be back at the second edition of FORK 2 earlier tonight, awesomely organiazed by the dyanamic guys from Syinc and graciously hosted by the  Artistry Cafe.

As before, FORK is organized to be a coming together for many different and interesting folk working on various side-projects to share about what drives them, what are are trying to do and to create connections and chances for cross-collaboration!

(Disclaimer – we once again probably didn’t have as many photos we would have liked, cos hey, we were listening hard too!)

Opening of FORK2

Speaking to a massively full house tonight Shaun gets started off introducing the idea of FORK and what’ s going to follow for the night.


First up, is William who is well known in the local Maker community! This time, he is sharing on the idea of Hackidemia which aims to show and train kids through empathy, curiosity and play, giving them the tools of today to imagine ad build a better tomorrow.


Here’s another shot of the concept on the slides while William explains. The full slides have kindly been made available here so check it out!


Next up is Bart, who is best known for his awesome, larger-than-life cardboard structures which pop up from time to time all around the island. The stuff which he designs and then pulls off is nothing short of amazing so if you’re looking to have your socks knocked off, don’do check out his upcoming displays (some of which will be super large!) which will be put up as part of some program at the Central Library (near Bugis) starting from 31 May for a week.


Grabbing the mic and taking the stand next was Brandon who curates the blog Interfsce, which is an inspiring collection of design thoughts and ideas which as the tagline reads, provides inspiration for the inspirationless, with stuff on design, aesthetics, communication and meaning. Plenty of neat stuff there so do check it out, and also the facebook page.


Last up was Shanmugam who demoed an actual working biosensor enabled tee shirt which allows for one’s heart beat to be visualized in real time in a flashing heart LED pattern (props to Sara for being such a cool demo assistant!). Also in the demo was an alcohol sensor, which could then be used to create some other output…Cool beans we say! And we defintely can’t wait to see what else comes out of his Evilbiosensors lab! 😉

And well, that’s a short and sweet (we hope!) wrapup of the event. As always, there are tons of cool and interesting people and we wouldn’t have missed this or any other FORK event for the world. And neither should you!

Here’s looking forward to FORK 3 then 😉

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