Singapore 3D Printing Meetup V (28 Nov 2013)

Singapore 3D Printing Meetup V

Been a while and now it’s time for round 5 of the Singapore 3D Printing Meetup V, probably the last for 2013! Judging from the great response last time, we’ll be having it again at lowercase Cafe at LaSalle (props to them for graciously hosting us again!) on 28th Nov (Thurs) 7:00pm

This is an open event for everyone with an interest in 3D printing, design, modelling, scanning and everything else 3D, and we welcome all to join us!

As part of this meetup, we will also have a wide range of sample models from Shapeways (as this is also a Shapeways Meetup) to check out! There will also be some sample of new materials which Shapeway just launched!

From feedback, it was also great to have had speakers share a little more about what they do so we’re going to have that again as an opening segment and will announce the lineup really soon!

And of course, it’s our little way of organizing something to have a chance for all 3D enthusiaists out there in the Singapore 3D printing community to kick back, relax and just have fun – so see you all there! =)

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