Replacing Bumper Pads on MakerBot Replicator 2

So every now and then, it seems that we are wearing down the bumper pads on our Makerbot Replicator 2 so fast and the build plate starts to seem not as level as before. This could be due to the placing and removing of the build plate, but in any case, it’s time for a bumper pad replacement.


Now, the best way would be to get the originals from Makerbot but if you can find simliar thin felt pads like we did, it could work just as well too.

Checking on the thickness with vernier calipers show that its around 1mm while on the backing cardboard so without that it should be around 0.7mm which is perfect for our purpose.


First though, you will need to remove all the existing worn out (or missing!) pads from the z platform of 3d printer. It is worthwhile to scrap it cleanly to remove any bumps and then also use a Zippo or similar lighter fluid to clean out the platform while you are at it. It well well as goo-remover!


Once that is dry, you can see the Makerbot platform without the bumper pads looking factory fresh! (Or not really 😛 )


Next, carefully place the new bumper pads in the original triangle formation on the platform – keeping them equal distance from the left and right of the platform. This will help keep the buildplate when added on, nice and level.


And there we go with the Makerbot buildplate added back onto the z platform.


Last but not least, remember to level your build plate! We use a feeler gauge’s 15 micron piece for this to ensure that it is snug within the Makerbot tolerances for 3d printing. When it comes to turning the knobs to raise or lower the buildplate, always remember lefty-loosey, righty-tighty!

Have fun 3d printing folks! =)

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