Singapore 3D Printing Meetup 7 – The Aftermath


And so we just had the 7th run of our meetup last Sunday (woohoo!) and boy was it a blast to not only host the community and public at large again, but also to have done it in our new space over at Funan Digitalife Mall, #05-18! Thanks to one and all for visiting and saying hi to us!

Here are some of the shots from that day showing how things went down:


Right after a little bit of setting up and moving things around, folks started to stream in (actually even before the starting time!)


Amongst the showcased designers was our pal Rick from Trobok Toys who is now based and South Africa and rocking up the scene over there! Wonderfully cool and wacky piece he has!


Another of our showcase partners is RDP Labs, the firm designing and manufacturing the Falcon X2 3d printers, with a smattering of their 3d printed demo models on showcase.


Soon there was a flow of folks coming in to check out the space and the various showcases. Lots of explaining/exploring was done by all to see the various aspects and applications of 3d printing.


As usual too, the kids had the most fun nailing their gaze on the fast moving extruder as 3d printed models were printed in demonstration in front of their eyes!


Lining the wall of the space were all the various models which were tested on and printed out over the years – now we have a way of having them all out at the same time and allowing folks to interact and see the breadth of things which can be created!


Among the various 3d printed projects which were in the central spotlight were characters conceptualized and designed by our pal Leslie which were then 3d printed into oh-so-detailed miniatures, which you can check out and grab from Hobgoblin’s Hoard!


And also a tabletop board game which is in the process of being designed by Sean, which features gameplay pieces which are 3d modelled, 3d printed out and then painted into becoming the tanks, turrets and terrain pieces for the game!


Here’s a close up of the painted 3d printed turret piece. Ignore the stormtrooper at the back though, he wasn’t able to find the droids he was looking for~


More of the crowd coming in and interacting and playing with the items on display and having jolly (and geeky) conversations between themselves.


Along the wall, we also had a showcase of the SketchFab platform and how they help designers and artist share their 3d models with others online in a seamless and pain-free way.


Part of the usefulness of Sketchfab is also the ability to share 3d scans on their platform and hence we had a few quick demos of how 3d captures can be done using readily available hardware such as the Asus Xtion scanner and then processed in Skanect.


Another of our key global partners Shapeways also with their array of different material 3d prints on display and with some nifty doorgifts for the folks who popped by!


Such as these nice peeps who definitely seem to be enjoying (or at least are suitably amazed at) the wiggly Shapeways 3d printed cubes!


As always, it was a blast hosting and sharing with everyone who came by about 3d printing, 3d scanning and all things 3d for that matter!

We’ll be in our space hammering out new projects till next time we host a meetup then! Hope to see more awesome projects and ideas come out from everyone soon too! =)


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