3D Printing the Idol of Many Hands from Monkey Island

00- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

This model is a quirky inventory item from one of our favorite retro games – The Secret of Monkey Island.

01- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

And it’s this little beauty which you’re supposed to nick from the Governor’s mansion. The fabled Idol of Many Hands as the look of it suggests!

02- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

So firing up Sculptris for a quick sculpting session. One does realize quickly that more regular and hard edges are a little tough to create but, hey, close enough.

03- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

Switching to the gold texture gives a fast look at how it would be when all shined up eventually. Looking not too shabby so far. Given that the top and bottom edges are meant to be completely flat, these were later processed with Plane Cuts in MeshMixer.

04- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

Next up – time for a 3d print of this piece. This one is scaled to be 10cm in height.  Unfortunately, the filament we used was a little old and hence the surface finish wasn’t the best in the world (as shall be seen in a bit).

05- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

Now for our favorite smoothing treatment using Smooth-On XTC-3D. It quickly gets rid of the layer lines but the downside is that you still have to wait for it to cure. Which is plenty fine since we get to multi-task into some other projects on hand too.

06- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

Waiting for the XTC-3D to cure – at least 4 hours here. But really we just leave things to set nicely overnight, so it’s not a biggie.

07- 3D Printing Idol of Many Hands

And here we go! Of course after the requisite black primer and gold spray paints have been applied. Bling bling 3D printed Idol of Many Hands ready for the next pirate-wannabe to prove himself or herself in the Quest for Thievery!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of GROG for all at the SCUMM Bar…


[Update – This model is now available on Thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2740861]

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  1. I teach technology at an elementary school in Texas and we have a 3d printer. One of our kindergarten teachers asked me if I could print out this idol o’many hands for her.

    would it be possible to send me the .stl file for this? I would be eternally grateful.

    1. Post
  2. Hey,

    Love the model, is there any chance you still have it available. I’m making Monkey Island props for my sister as we are both big fans. I’ve done a bottle of Grog and a 3 Headed Monkey walking staff topper. This would go great with her other stuff.


    1. Post

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks and glad you like it! Not many Monkey Island fans around 😛

      Yeah, for some scurvy-dog reason, we never did upload the model anywhere but hey presto, we just did now! You can find it on Thingiverse at this link – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2740861

      Love to see what you do with it and also your Bottle of Grod and 3 Headed Monkey Walking Stick Topper (are they 3d models perchance?)

      Cheerios and Happy New Year! 😉

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