Singapore 3D Printing Meetup 8 in Photos

Was great hosting everyone for the combined Singapore 3D Printing Meetup + Shapeways Singapore Meetup this 29 Jan 2016!


As usual, had a nice crowd with folks quickly settling into geeking out over the pieces on display



With the increased number of showcased items and 3d printed models on display from our partners – there was a nice range of things to look at from partners Shapeways, RDP Labs, ATOM 3D Printer and the various designers.


Start getting a little packed as the evening progressed – perhaps we will need a bigger space soon!


Kids always seem to end up having the most fun playing with the stuff on display!


And boy, must this ATOM 3D Printer really look large from her vantage point! Still great for a photo op though!


Really accurate looking prop replicas from Jason Loo, designer and 3d printer extraordinaire!


Along the wall of showcases are our staples from African Fossils and a smattering of 3d printed Thingiverse models.


Some sample of spray paints commonly used for grafitti, Montana and Loop brands, which do brilliantly on 3d printed models! Courtesy of Rohaimi 😉


The RDP Labs Falcon X-2 surround by some of its prints – a great entry level printer for everything from engineering-type design pieces to aesthetic models like the Halo helmet.


Shapeway goodies on display for all to amaze at! Some pieces also from the personal collection of some of the Shapeways fans here!


Grumpy cat pieces in coloured sandstone – and it’s unbelievable how fitting the Santa Cat is on the furry table cloth! 😉


3d printed Ceramics for the win!


Along the other corner, Dragonlock sample pieces for table top gaming – awesome jigsaw-like prints by the folks from Fat Dragon Games to help gamers create their very own dungeon to adventure in.


And yes, a new thing since our days from hosting in Cafes – we now bring a small selection of drink to keep everyone’s whistle wet – and feeding the capitalist pig is welcome =P

Well, that’s all the fun we had this time and as always, have to say – you just had to be here to see the full scale of things!

Till next time then, y’all!


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