Building up the ATOM 2.0 3D Printer (Part 1)

First off, this is not meant to be a how-to-build manual for the ATOM 2.0 3D Printer as it is already really well documented (

Rather, it’s most of a review of our experience/process going through it to share our thoughts with y’all. So here we go: IMG_20160205_155106

The package arrived shortly couple of days after the order was placed. Well strapped to keep it in one piece!


Opening up the outer box reveals an ATOM 2.0 inner case together with a spool of filament and laser engraver head (ordered seperately and we will come to that soon!)


Inside the ATOM 2.0 3D Printer box were smaller boxes neatly packed to be opened and used at various stages of the process. Everything fit very snugly in the box without shifting so that helps to keep things safe from damaged!


Within the top lid of the box are two booklets – the ATOM 2.0 Assembly Manual as well as a Mastering ATOM 2.0 Guide. The assembly is very well documented so following the steps closely while assembling and also checking out the assembly videos online will be very helpful. This is going to be the start of a fun journey so taking fair time here to do things well will go a long way! =)


Here’s the inner contents of Box 1 which is essentially the box with most of the smaller parts and fasteners. Having built other 3d printers before, the neat packaging of these items is a welcome change! Very neat and makes it easy to locate the components needed.


Here are some of the small part packages of Box 1 laid out.


All the small bits are sealed tightly inside and well-labelled so locating the nuts and bolts needed at different stages of the build is very straightforward.


Also included are most of the tools to get this build going. Though some other tools like needle-nose pliers and tweezers which were not included, would also help along in various parts of the build.


Curses for our small table space – a more roomy workspace would be helpful but on with the build!


Another nice touch is that labelling to help avoid orientating things the wrong way during assembly, only to have to come back to dismantle and redo a part. Very thoughtful!


So as not to lose any small bits, its best to take out just the pieces you need and then build them into your part. Keeps things neat and fulfils your inner OCD too!


For other pieces which are used quite a fair bit, like M3 8mms and T Joints, sometimes we just pour a whole bunch into work trays and dip into those as we go along. Rather than hunting back in the packages of Box 1 each time. Whatever works for ya.


Another nice touch is this engraved leather band which goes on the front of your ATOM 2.0 3D Printer. Can say that while its largely for improved aesthetics of the machine, it also helps you to identify which is the wrong of your printer during assembly!


This is how things looked like 2/3 through the construction the frame. Took around 2 hours to leisurely get to this point when we decided to call it a day.


More to come in part of of the build [to be continued!]

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