We’re going to be at Singapore Maker Faire 2016!

After missing it for couple of years, we’re going to be at Singapore Maker Faire again this year – which will happen over the weekend of 25-26 June 2016 over at SUTD!

And it’s going to be bigger and better before, with a much larger community of 3d printing folks and projects coming in with us! There will be showcases aplenty and some activities we will plan for this 3d printing outing! =)

Aside from 3d printing on show during the Maker Faire, there will also be there usual smattering of hobbyist projects, electronics, designs and crafts at the various booth in the Faire.

More information on the event is available over at: www.makerfairesingapore.com

So mark your dates and we’ll see you over at our 3D Printing corner at Singapore Maker Faire 2016! 🙂

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