The Next Evolution for Funbie Studios

Funbie Studios at Liang Court


It’s been almost half a year since we have taken up a physical studio space. And boy, has it been quite the ride!

The Early Days and Getting a Physical Studio

Looking back 4 years ago when we started stepping into all things 3d, a key support pillar was having an awesome sharing and giving global community. Pioneers in the 3d printing field pushed boundaries and freely gave feedback, advice and help to all starting to experiment with these new-fangled technologies. And we were largely beneficiaries of such generosity.

It was from this point that we likewise hoped to also be able to build and support a community of similar-minded folks locally, eager to play with and create the future. Banking on that thought, the Singapore 3D Printing Meetups were launched, something which we are still proud to have been able to organize to this day.

Striding into the Future

In the past six month with a new space, we have been able to meet and reach out to even more people coming in who now have a chance to explore and experiment many different things once not so accessible to them. However, the only constant are the looks of amazement which are then followed by the beaming thoughts of possibilities.

Now, as we sit upon the brink of moving to a new space at Liang Court, there is an emboldened sense to do a lot more. With the benefit of a scratch more experience, we’re going to ramp up into something bigger and better. This remains constant from day one till now and beyond – being our focus on pushing the limits of 3d and supporting the wonderful local community which continues to inspire us with your projects and challenge us with your ideas.

More events, workshops, exhibitions and definitely meetups with the aim of building and pushing the community forward, will be organized and curated.

Innovation can and will happen here; and we stand proudly with all the partners, thinkers, dreamers and more importantly doers to push things forward.

Awesome future, here we come! =)

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