Visit to ATOM 3D Printer’s Office and ATOM Meetup

Just prior to visiting Taipei Maker Faire  2016, a visit to ATOM offices was in order to see all the cool things which happen there! Also a meetup was organized to allow for sharing and exchanging ideas with some of the users from the local 3d printing community in Taiwan!


Gotta love the minimalist way that the ATOM office is setup with a neat display area and their 3d printers running out new prints. But what makes it all the more amazing is the various projects and 3d prints which ATOM users have either given to or loaned to the team for showcase.


Such as this massive figurine of a warrior which was modeled out in Maya. It stands at around 40cm tall and the details which it has are exquisite! (There is Stanley moving around in the background packing up some stuff for the events which will be happening over that evening as well as over the weekend…)


Here is the piece from a slightly different and you can see that it is humongous, including the weapon. Other ATOM staff are all hard at work in the background.


A closeup of the facial details of the piece.


This is another crazily impressive piece by another ATOM power user – a Madcat mech from the old Mechwarrior game! It has over 100+ printed parts and boosts extreme pose-ability due to joint pieces printed out in a rubbery TPE material. This allows the joints to hold different poses very well and not slip out of position. Believe the modelling tool used in this case was Solidworks.


Another use case for the ATOM printer comes in the form of this reproduction of a historical mask for a heritage group. The original mask had be damaged, and to avoid further damage to it, replicas had to be made. The techniques they used here was to first scan the original mask with a Autodesk program (think it was 123D Catch), do some cleanups to the model and then 3d print out a new copy. With the newly 3d printed piece, the artisans did some cleanup to smoothen the surface and there after only did their traditional paint job on one side to show the difference between the raw and painted halves of the mask. The merging of such old traditional paint work on a new technology is simply as poetic as it is amazing!


Here’s a slightly different piece which was 3d modelled to look like a retro television set which you get to place your phone into for an actual moving pictures experience! The print came out very nicely indeed and think that the studios which created this is selling them as phone holders!


On the cosplay front, lying just casually around the ATOM office were this rifle which could be nicely printed out vertically in 3 parts on the ATOM. The 3 parts where then melded together with a supporting rod.


And also a scale model of a P90. Yeah, you can get a sense that the folks in the ATOM office really like their props as much as we do!


In another part of the office, test pieces engraved using the ATOM laser engraver were samples of what types of materials and outcomes can be achieved with it. Wish we had setup ours already (if not for sloth and so on …). There were more cool things which the technical team shared but, hush, we can’t disclose that for now! You’ll know them straight out of the horse’s mouth soon enough though!


As the evening swung by, we headed over to FutureWard where ATOM had invited a group of their users for the regular ATOM meetup!


Here’s Stanley, giving an update to the users on the various new development from ATOM and also sharing all the use cases and project examples (as earlier shared)


One of these developments being the new dual extruder, which can allow users to make multi-colored 3d prints such as this one.



Messing around with other pieces such as this articulated hand with flexible filament printed joints was a blast. We’ve grabbed some samples of the flex filament too so testing on them will happen soon, and will be a filament option we will likely launch shortly after!



Yes still couldn’t help posing and re-posing the Madcat…


After hanging out with the local Taiwanese makers  and 3d printing community, snuck a quick look at the 3d printing workshop area in Futureward. And guess which are the printers in use?

Overall, it had been a blast and now, looking forward to the Maker Faire weekend! Woot! 🙂

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