Using Smooth-On Cast Magic with XTC-3D

While applying Smooth-On XTC-3D to smooth out a 3d printed part, it appears that there is an optional of getting a special finish by incorporating some special additives to the mix. In this case, we will use Silver Bullet from Smooth-On’s own Cast Magic line.


Here we have set aside the trial packs of XTC-3D and a small sampler bottler of the Cast Magic Silver Bullet, which is essentially very fine silver powder of some sort. The exact material and formulation appears to be undisclosed as per the ingredient listing on the side of the bottle. Mysterious!


Anyway, from some references online, it appears that to make the mix needed for coating your 3d printed part, all you need to do is add in 1 more part of the additive (in this case – Silver Bullet) to the standard 2A:1B XTC-3D mix. One thing to note is how fine the Silver Bullet powder is, and it will tend to get all over the place and probably dangerous for inhalation. Hence, it’s best to carefully and slowly portion out the additive powder without stirring things up too much.


The 1 part of silver bullet is meant to be added first to the 2 parts of XTC-3D Part A. In this way, the XTC-3D will not start to react yet.


Once again, slowly adding the Silver Bullet powder to the XTC-3D Part A, start to stir the mixture together to mix them homogeneously.


After a while, you should end up with something like this opalescent looking and well mixed solution.


The following step is going to be the same as our regular process – mixing in the other 1 part of XTC-3D Part B.


Pouring that into the main mixing cup, we once again stir it quickly to get a consistent solution.


With that done, we quickly apply the mix to this raven Bonehead Skull model from 3dKitBash. Going to be doing this quite quickly so did not bother to pour out the XTC-3D into a flat tray for this project.

The model used here has been primed beforehand with a Krylon Flat Black, so hopefully it will be a good backing for the top later of Silver Bullet infused XTC-3D. It’s not pictured in this step but we were using the sponge applicator for this process.


And there we have it – a fully coated 3d printed piece with Silver Bullet infused XTC-3D. On hindsight, the final texture turned out to be a little spotchy, but that could be due to our using of a sponge applicator. Perhaps we will test out with a paintbrush for application the next time.

Still a good way to quickly add some interesting textures while doing the smoothing process, so guess we will be doing some more experimenting and sharing of the results as we go along! =)

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