New ZBrush Core from Pixologic

So Pixologic just announced that it will be launching a new light version of its popular ZBrush software, called ZBrush Core. Though its only in pre-release sales right now, it does appear to be a pretty intriguing software which is positioned somewhere between the popular free Sculptris program and the big behemoth brother, the full fledged Zbrush.

This is pretty exciting as it means that 3d novices and hobbyists can now get started with sculpting with a lower price tag option and maybe move up the ladder as they progress and level up their skills. This would bring a lot of value to folks like us who are starting from the 3d printing side of things are are looking to “unlock” more variety and value in terms of what we can create for 3d printing too!

ZBrush Core Features for 3D Printing

This is definitely exciting for a lot of digital artists who may either be just starting off or even the experienced ones looking to get started with ZBrush but have been put off by the price tag. However, what’s a little more enticing for us is that it seems Pixologic designed this tool with a little more though for 3d printing workflow, with features for optimizing and advance setting for exporting for 3d printing, which are apparently not even in ZBrush. Now, it’s still a little vague what those mean so we can only wait and see how they function and how well they work.


For those interested in the differences between ZBrush Core and Zbrush, here’s the comparison chart –

Other Useful Features and Tools

Apart from the 3d Printing focus, there seems to also be some cool main features from ZBrush which we will get to see in this Core version.

Things like Dynamesh and Mannequins which can be used as starting bases will really speed things up, as will such tools like radial symmetry and boolean operations. These features/tools will be a boon to the sculpting workflow as they were initially not available in Sculptris.

Pre-Order Pricing for ZBrush Core (till 14 Oct 2016)

As of the time of writing this post, ZBrush Core has not launched just yet but is slated for 14 Oct 2016. Even then, there is a nice 20% pre-order discount (US$119.95 instead of US$149.95) if you get it prior to the actual launch so it may just be worth thinking of whether to get it earlier.

We did and we can’t wait to play around with it, and maybe do some quick reviews when we do so!

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