Setting up Cura for ATOM 2.5EX Dual Extrusion

Here’s a translated version of the official ATOM guide for setting up your ATOM 2.5EX Dual Extrusion in Cura. Great thanks to the ATOM team for allowing us to translate it to share with more folks.

Here we go:

Getting Cura Installed with Atom 2.5 EX Machine Profile

First off, you will need to download Cura 15.04.6. Go to the Official Cura Website and click the link which says “View all versions” in the bottom left area

Next, under your respective operating system (using Windows here as an example), look the link for Version: 15.04.6 and download the installer. From there, install Cura 15.04.6 as per any other software.

Next, head on over to the ATOM website’s support section to download the CURA profile for that ATOM 2.5 EX.

Follow the instructions to copy the profile files into your respective Cura installation directory:

  • For Windows – “Cura\resources\machine_profiles”
  • For Mac – “Cura > Contents > Resources > machines_profiles”

Then Cura, and choose: Machines > Add New Machine > Other > Atom25EX


Getting a Dual Extrusion Model for Printing

For this tutorial, we will search Thingiverse for a suitable model for printing with Dual Extrusion. Searching “Dual” in the search box on the upper right side should do the trick here.

From the search results, we will use a pretty popular model – the Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK.

After loading this model’s page, click on the Thing Files icon.

And from here, download the “pikachu_dual.rar” as we don’t really need the other files for this example. After you have unzipped this file, there should be 2 model files inside.

Setting up the model in Cura for Dual Extrusion

Import both of the model files into Cura, and then right-click to select the “Dual Extrusion merge” to combine them.

The model which dropped in or imported first will be E0 (represented in yellow) and the other one done later will be E1 (represented in red).

Next, click “Reset all objects positions” to re-center all the parts.

Now, it is key to take note of the setting for “Wipe & prime tower volume per layer (mm3)” under Dual extrusion in the Expert config settings. If your model ends up with a lot of blended colours and not clearly defined color boundaries, you will need to increase this value to get a cleaner print. The opposite is true – if you have a very clean print, you may be able to get away with a smaller value here.

(Note on colors used: If you are setting up prints with 2 filaments which are similar – such as 2 light colors or 2 dark colors, they tend to be less likely to mix together and you may be able to have a smaller value here, saving on some filament)

Verifying the Print Preview

After this setting is done, click on the “Layers” button in the lower right to check out the print preview.

From this preview, check that the prime pillar (as indicated by the red rectangle below) has not exceeded the ATOM’s printable area. If it has, you may need to shift your model around or scale it down so that both the model and prime pillar will fit nicely within the printable area.

It is also important to note that if your prime pillar is set to be too small/narrow, there is an increased possibility that it could be knocked over during the print. If this does end up to be a problem, some things which you can try are to increase the “Z-hop when retracting(mm)” setting and/or to increase the “Brim” setting.

Once everything looks good in the 3d print preview, simply use the “Save toolpath” button to generate the gCode to be loaded into your SD Card for printing.


Happy Printing!

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  1. Question: When dual color printing with Simplify 3D, the filaments need to start at position -120 mm from the printer’s hotend.
    However so far dual color printing with Cura has failed for me (Simplify also failed for that matter, but I prefer Cura).
    The failure with Cura seems to be that the second filament is not fed to the hotend.
    Do I need with Cura to also put both filaments at -120 mm from the hotend? Are there other settings I need to change then?
    At the advanced tab there’s “Dual extrusion switch amount” which by default is set to 16.5 mm, should that value be changed?
    Also does this apply for when the second filament is PVA and the model is printed with support?

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