Autodesk 123D Design Download

It’s been a while since Autodesk has stopped providing its 123D suite of software (including 123D Design) opting to streamline its offerings for folks. Whilst it’s great that the intent is to put more focus on TinkerCad and Fusion360, we know that some folks may be more used to this and may choose to continue using it for their 3d modelling needs.

To make it easy to still be able to get them if you choose, we’ve a link here to download the installers for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of 123D Design:

With that said, there’s also quite a fair bit of new features and functionalities in Fusion 360, so we’ll definitely recommend a look at it too if you’re interested in going further with 3d modelling of more complicated projects!

Enjoy! =)

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