Singapore Autodesk Fusion360 Meetup

We’ve been messing around with Fusion360 for a bit and thought it would be cool to gather and meetup with the community of other folks out there who use Fusion360 too! So we decided to organize the first Singapore Autodesk Fusion360 meetup and with any luck, it would be the first of many to come! The official Meetup group for this can be found here –

For this first meetup, we had Gerald Chin, a designer from Autodesk and a 3d print enthusiast with a keen interest in gadgets. He shared about Project Hex in which Fusion 360 was used to design all aspects of “The Board”. It has made designing easier with the designing as it offers a history timeline and easy editing and creating numerous iterations for the project.

Here he is giving an introduction of his Project, the initial concept and what the final output looked like! It was interesting to see the breadth of the project which Gerald manage to create – involving a prototype board design which was 3d printed out and finished, and then presented in tandem with an entire VR simulation to give an immersive sense of how the final board could be used!

Diving back into Fusion360 portions of the workflow for Gerald’s project, he showed how the simulation mode of the software allowed for a clear visual inspection of how the structure of the board would hold up under load. The color coded simulation provides an overview of how deformations occur, where the weak points of a model would be and also where to possibly beef up the design to strengthen it.

Another type of simulation gave an idea of the maximum displacement which the wings of the board would face under load. In this case, Gerald had designed it such that the user would be standing with his/her two feet on the wings of the board so being able to see and understand how far the wings would flex was key to ensuring the structural integrity of the board. On a side note, it was pretty aesthetically awesome to see the the design flapping like a butterfly on screen!

Next, Gerald also showed how Fusion360 has a quick and easy way of translating all the models which were designed into a technical drawing with dimensions and project information. This could then be subsequently used to give a better sense of scale and design for others, or for use going toward manufacturing.

Beyond the 3d modelling phase, Gerald then had the board 3d printed out, assembled and post-processed. He shared some of the photos and explained the processes undertaken too!

And just right before we let him finish, we of course had to see the Fusion360 file and how the modelling was done too.

So here is it in all! Note the crazy long timeline at the bottom of the screen which represents all the steps that went into this project. Using this model file as a background, we had some insights into the use of the software. And also Gerald shared some of the tips on using Fusion360.

What could be a meetup then be without the post-session mingling. It was great that we had a nice spectrum of folks – some who are looking to get started with Fusion360 and also some who have used it for a few years. Hearing the different projects which everyone was working on and sharing ideas on how to approach different modelling issues in Fusion360 was also major aim of these meetups.


If you would like to join us for the next meetup, or have a topic/project you would like to share – do drop us a line at!

Cheers and hope to be able to host everyone again soon! =)

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