Singapore Maker Faire 2017 in Photos!

And once again, annual Singapore Maker Faire rolls around and it’s time for us and our friends to put up our little showcases of what we have been working on! As usual, it’s our plethora of 3d printed models and projects at our main booth. On the flanks we have on display the machines we largely work with – the ATOM Delta 3D Printer and more recently the Wanhao Duplicator 7 Resin 3D Printer.

A closeup of the ATOM 3D Printer with some giveway brochures on the latest 2.5 and 2.5EX versions of this amazing machines. The printer was also churning out 3d printed goodies all through the event!

Many inquisitive visitors such as this kid stopped by for a closer look, and boy was it fun to explain to them how things were 3d printed and came to be.

Amongst the other booths we had in our zone, was Trivialities with their new collaborative project with JasonLooDesign – the NWARBS series of designer resin figurines! The very first in this lineup being the Buglien, seen here in all its multi-colored glory.

These little buggers are so cute that Brad fr9m CoreCrewFX had to come by and pose with one of them. Grab one of them for yourself from here!

Lots of cool folks popped by to see and get 3d printed and resin pieces for themselves too! Was balls of fun chatting with them about the processes and materials too.

On the main booth, we also had a special showcase of how 3d printing and some post processing can be use in for miniature tabletop gaming! Here we have a Orcus and the dungeon tiles from Fat Dragon Games together with a Guardian of Lion City specially modelled for us by Arian Croft!

Across the aisle, we have our friends who use Shapeways for their designs and products! One of them is Soon Ping from TinkerWerx with her 3d designed and 3d printed jewelry collection!


The colorful and intricate pieces she had definitely attracted many curious and amazed onlookers! Check out Soon Ping’s pieces here on her Shapeways shop –

With them showcasing the fashion side of 3d printing, we also have Jamela and Lionel with even more assortment of their fashion collectibles on display – including an delicate dress here which was part of her amazing Beeing Human collection!

On display on the front of the table, Jamela also had an assortment of metal printed ring designs in many of the 3d printable metal materials provided by Shapeways.

Joining us from Malaysia also is Fauzan with his many 3d designed fashion accessories and pieces! Unfortunately, he seems to have stepped away for a bit while we were taking this photo but do check out his designs over here –

From the educational side of things, we were pleased to have the students and teachers from APSN Tanglin School join us in this Maker Faire showcase too! These are the secondary school students whom we have been able to run a workshop for earlier this year, and now they are with us to showcase what they have learnt and also prepare and provide cool 3d printed souvenirs for visitors too!

It was also a nice touch that the VIP for the entire Maker Faire, Minister Vivian Balakrishnan was able come by to take a closer look at the APSN Tanglin School booth had listen to what the students had to share about their creations.

Over the course of the 2 days, the students diligently took down requests for 3d printed giveaways for the visitors!

Some of the folks got to have their hand at a lucky dip to get a randomly selected 3d printed souvenir too! Boy did the students have a lot of fun speaking with and giving out their 3d printed creations!

In the other corner of our zone, we had the Signal team from NTU come and showcase their new invention which they are crowdfunding on Kickstarter now. This team of students from NTU SPMS had put together impressive protoypes which they were allowing visitors to try on and also had a display stand which simulates the turning of a wearer’s head to demonstrate the functionality of their product.

The signal team was really enthusiastic in having visitors try out their invention, and got a good number of backers along the way over the 2 days. We wish them all the best for the completion of their campaign! =)

From the special effects industry, we have the brilliant folks from CoreCrewFX on hand and showcasing their many cool projects such as this animatronic parrot!

Built through a large variety of fabrication technique, the CoreCrewFX team had “cut away” their parrot to showcase the inner workings of this beautiful beast!

On the other end of their table, a massively grinning alien seems to be very stoked to have been able to escape his box and be on display for everyone!

And here, we have a group shot of the wondering folks being CoreCrewFX!

Another regular face at events, here’s Jason Loo with the functional BB-8 he has been working on for a while! We are pretty sure we will soon see it rolling happily; though it is already massively awe-inspiring as it is right now.

This little dude is very much the crowd puller, as everyone wants a show with him! Aside from that, Jason also has others of his creation such as his Iron Man helmet and Jason’s mask on display.

Near the stage side of our zone, we have Sean the expansive tabletop game which he has been working on.  Essentially inspired by mecha computer games from the past, Sean has been working hard on the 3d modelling and design of 5 different mechs which can do battle with each other on a terrain-laden tabletop battlefield.

Each of the bots are comprised of 3d printed body parts and limbs connected by ball joints and magnets such that they can be swapped or removed as part of the gameplay!

Beyond just our area, the Singapore Maker Faire is also jammed packed with tons of other cool folks and projects! Look at what we have here – a 3d printed magnet holder by Eugene which will be used to influence the shape of ferro-magnetic fluids! Can’t wait to see it in action when it’s finally ready!

At the HackerSpace booth, we caught a glimpse of Bob’s homebrew 3d printer too! It’s a finely built and tuned beast!

Roaming around the Autodesk booth, we spot Gerald running the VR demos of his project to visitors and boy did the kids really love it! At the background, his 3d printed hoverboard sits sleekly on display too.

Well, that was more or less all we could have covered from our experience at Singapore Maker Faire 2017! As can be expected, it is really something which needs to be experienced in the flesh to really get a sense of how breathtaking everything really is.

On this note, many thanks have to go out to the Kiru, Ling Ling and all the other folks from the hardworking team at the Singapore Science Centre for putting us up (and putting up with us!) each year during the Singapore Maker Faire!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year too! =)


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