Settings for Stronger Supports in Simplify3D

When it comes to 3d printing out more complicated models in FDM printers, it’s common to have to place a lot of support around them. Given that there may be parts where you only need a little bit to hold up a features of your 3d models, you may end with with tall and narrow support pillars like the one seen below (near the X axis symbol)

When we look in the preview mode, it is a very thin and tall support pillar. Something which can be easily knocked over or snapped in half by your extruder, leading to a failed print or at the very least, a malformed portion of your 3d print which no longer has the support it needed for that feature.


Settings to Strengthen your Supports

One way to make your support structures stronger and more robust would be to simply increase the density and hence quantity of them such that they merge together more and hold each other up. But in some cases, this approach may be a needless spend of time and material on a print.

Another approach which can be considered involves add Brim to your 3d print settings first. This setting is found under the “Additons” tab in your Simplfy3d process settings. Anything which has a 0.00mm offset from the part will be a brim which helps to hold your part down.


Next, under the “Support” tab, simply increase the number of Support Base Layers to help further reinforce your support structures.



With both of these settings in place, you should see something like the follow preview for your prints. Essentially the combination of these 2 will make it much harder for your printer to accidentally knock over your thin support pillars.

You may find the need to tone down the settings if things swing the other way and the removal of the part from the build plate ends up becoming very difficult.


Well, there you have it – 2 simple steps to help strengthen the thin supports for your prints. Good luck with your 3d printing projects and as always, happy 3d printing! =)

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