Singapore 3D Meetup XVI + Fusion 360 Meetup (3 Feb 2018)

Singapore 3D Printing Meetup XVI

Come join us for the 16th run of the Singapore 3D Printing Meetup, held in conjunction with the Singapore Autodesk Fusion360 Meetup.

For this first meetup of 2018, we feature prolific 3d modeller and designer Jason Loo. Hear him share his experiences using Fusion360 for the 3d modelling of his Star War prop pieces such as Captain Phasma’s Helmet and BB-9E. Beyond the 3d modelling, also tap his brain for his tips and tricks when it comes to 3d printing the parts out and how he post processes the prints to get a final screen-accurate look and feel!

More updates will be added along the way and if you would like to showcase too, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

As always, this meetup is open to all – looking forward to seeing y’all there! =)

More information/discussion can be found on the Facebook Event page here –


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