Upgrading the ATOM 2.0 Extruder Assembly


It was time to give our older ATOM 2.0 workhorses an extruder assembly upgrade! This should allow them to more consistently extrude filaments and also keep up with more exotic filaments with a bit of flex in them.

First to come off are these older version of the extruder assembly. As can be seen, there’s a bit of a distance the filament will need to travel through over the extruder drive gear and that could be where issues can arise.

These are the new set of extruder arm and extruder base parts which will replace the older version. In these, there are little PTFE guide tubes which will more closely guide the filament over the extruder drive gear in a fixed position. This should help avoid kinks or slipping.

A quick comparison between the older model (top) and the newer one (bottom). Also took the chance the change the quick release connector for the PTFE bowden feed tube. The parts which will need to be brought over include the extruder bearing and the extruder spring.

Here is what it looks like with the extruder base portion installed. One quick thing we learnt was that there will most likely be a need to re-adjust the extruder drive gear to ensure that it is aligned with the extruder base part’s PTFE guide tube. This is to ensure that the filament’s feed path is as straight as possible.

Finally, just need to put in the new extruder arm and this quick modification is done! Time to run some more challenging filaments through it now! =)

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