3D Printable IKEA Tertial Lamp Swivel Clamp

This is an idea inspired from our constant need to swivel our IKEA Tertial Lamps around to reach different areas of our workspace.

The Problem

The problem arose from the fact that the lamp base was designed to hold the lamp in a stationary position and was ill-suited to swivel easily. With the weight of the lamp (especially when fully extended), the weight and the angle tends to gradually wear down the lamp base. Hence, there are several 3d printable options for a replacement lamp base on sites like Thingiverse:

Now, while these work fine for folks who are looking to replace their worn out mounts from their stationary IKEA Tertial lamps, it still makes it a sub-standard way for our use in the studio where we value the swivel-bility of the lamp.

Working towards the Solution

At the same time, we had a couple set of 608z bearings (formerly used for skateboards and fidget spinners) lying around. Putting both together, we decided to scratch our own itch and come up with a more robust design which would be an improved design for a swivel base for our Tertial lamps!

Here’s one of the earlier iterations of the design. Initially the base portion was modeled to be similarly sized as the stock base from IKEA, without the external cylindrical wall. Eventually, with some early tests of the design, it was quickly found out that there was no way that a single inner cylindrical peg would be able to hold up the entire lamp’s weight and would unceremoniously snap under it. Hence the external wall came up, expanding the footprint of the base slightly.

The upper swivel portion is of a simple U clamp design where the metal peg end of Tertial lamp can fit in from the top, supported by the 2 extruded arms on either side. The 608z bearings are then snuggly fitted in from the bottom, to be centered upon the inner cylindrical peg from the bottom.

To be able to better spread the stress, the final version allows for two bearings to be added instead of simply one.

Here’s a simple exploding animation to show how the entire assembly comes together:

3d Printing  and Assembling

With these 3d designs all completed in Fusion 360 – it was time to get them ready to be 3d printed. Slicing is up first:

At this point, it’s important to remember to bump up some 3d print settings (for both parts) to achieve a more sturdy and robust 3d printed part:

  • Layer Heigh: ~0.2mm
  • Infill: ~30%
  • Number of Shells = 3 or 4 shells

And here’s the top swivel getting 3d printed out on our ATOM 2.0 3D Printer:

After which, the two 608z bearings will need to be snug-fit into the underside of the Swivel Top:

Final Touches

Last bit would be to clamp the base portion to the table, affix the lamp onto the swivel top and put both halves together, and here it is in action!

Get the 3D Printable STL Files

If you enjoyed this project and would like to get the STL files to 3d print yourself, you can find them here – https://gum.co/dBBJU

Happy 3d printing! =)



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      Thank you, it was a rather iterative process (behind the scenes) to find the best way to solving this problem and yet maintaining durability too 🙂

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