Making a Handled Resin Vat Comb

Final Resin Comb with Handle

One of the joys (or chores depending on how you look at it) of owning a resin 3d printer is the constant need to clean out the resin vat and keep it free of print-killing debris. To this end, it is useful to have some sort of combing tool which can be used to rake out little resin bits, as opposed to solely using a flat edged spatula or scrapper.

The slight trouble with using a comb as it is comes from combs tending to be really short. This makes you have to hold the topmost part ever so gingerly so as to not get resin on your hands and make a big mess. Hence, the idea of a handle of sorts to give a good grip on the comb.


Modelling the comb handle

First up, to get a quick model of the handle done, some measurements of the comb itself will be needed. In our case, the “spin” of the comb measured up to be a slight taper of 3.5mm at the top end and narrowing down to around 3.0 mm closer to the teeth.

3D Modelling a Handle for Resin Vat Comb

Using Fusion 360, we 3d modeled the side profile with some measured and some arbitrary dimensions. And with a quick extrude step, pulled with 2d profile into a 3d shape.

3D Modelling a Handle for Resin Vat Comb

From here, slight additions of fillet to smooth out the model and a final hook hole at the top finish up the design of this piece.


Slicing the Model of a Handle for Resin Vat Comb

Next up, is the slicing of this piece, and off to the 3d printer it went!

Final 3d print and assembly

Now we’re getting somewhere! With the 3d printed handle, here it is with the comb we’re going to use.

Assembling the 3D Printed Handle and Comb


Since we will be using the finer toothed portion of the comb, we tested the handle’s fit on it. Perfect!

Assembling the 3D Printed Handle and Comb

Last thing to do would be to measure the comb against the internal width of the 3d printer’s resin vat.

Test Fitting over the Resin Vat

A quick slicing of the comb brings the piece down to the right size for use.

Cutting the Comb Down

Final piece in action

And there we have it – the final assembled piece with a perfect fit for using in the resin vat. No more hunting for the little bitsy parts of resin debris!

Final Resin Comb with Handle


The download for this file can be found here –

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