Making of Fart Boy – From Resin 3d print to Resin Toy

This is a quick look at the step-by-step in the making of one of our resin toy designs – Fart Boy:


Being a digitally 3d modeled piece, a complete version of Fart Boy is printed to check out how the proportions and sizing works.

All the little structs of support pillars hold up the overhanging portions of the figure during the print. This is the piece before post-processing but already a promising size.

Once the final size was determined, the piece was printed as 2 separate parts – the body and the horn. This makes the process of creating the silicon molds and subsequent casting much easier.

Here, we simply stuck the body, feet first, to a foamcore base and used a standard small plastic cup to contain the silicon mold material.

T’was all hands on deck for the silicon pouring stage so no photos there – cut straight (a la cooking show) to the 2 molds having been poured and waiting thru its cure cycle.

After the molds have fully set, they are carefully cut apart and a suitable position for resin pouring identified. The horn portion was a little tricky to think about, but …

… it was more of a no-brainer how the body should be poured.

Cut forward to the final resin copies being pulled out. Here it is on the left as compared to the original resin 3d print on the right. A near identical facsimile!

After that, its a simple matter of cleaning up and paint application! And ta-da – Fart Boy in all his colorful glory!

Also, check out that well defined posterior 😉


Hope you enjoyed that step-by-step look at the genesis of Fart Boy! Coming soon on 7 Jul 2018 @ 🙂

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