Creating Hammond’s Wrecking Ball Mech from Overwatch

And so, one of the latest additions to the Overwatch character roster came in the form of a brilliant, cute little hamster named Hammond who pilots a lean, mean Wrecking Ball mech! Such an awesome character and design definitely deserves to be made into a 3d printable model and brought out into real life!

So here we go…

3d Modelling

Cranking out our favorite Rhino3d for the modelling, we started off first the the core spherical torso. Given that most of the armor and parts which fold out from around the body, a lot of these parts were actually modeled by slicing portions of an exterior “shell” which sat around the inner torso sphere.

Early thoughts to make the mech transformable were quickly tossed apart when it became evident that the mechanisms would be an extreme engineering challenge to pull off!

When most of the core torso sphere had been fleshed out, work began on the canon arms and also the legs. Comparing the reference material, there were just too many cool but unfortunately minute details which had to be left out to ensure the design could still be 3d printed. Even so, the ratio of the largest parts (the main torso of the mech) as compared to the smallest features like the tips of the barrels, meant that it would be a challenging model to 3d print for both the largest and smaller parts of the build.


After all the bits had been 3d modeled, it then came down to the tedium of separating the parts into logical segments for 3d printing. Boy is this really the least favorite step of all! :/

3d Printing

Next up after the 3d modelling phase, the seperated portions of the model had to be slowly printed out. Here, the largest 2 halves of the torso sphere took the longest and clocked in at around 8 hours on the ATOM 3D Printers we ran them on.

But after a couple of days of inpatient waiting, all the 3d printed parts had come off the printers properly, and with that, we move on to the post-processing phase of things.

Post Processing of the 3D Print

Thankfully for this Wrecking Ball mech, most of the parts had fairly straightforward surfaces which allowed for them to be puttyed well and then sanded down.


Here we are applying putty generously to the surface of the piece and then it was on to sanding to get things down smoothly.

Priming and Painting

After putty work comes the priming of the parts. Here we use a standard Rustoleum 2X gray primer to give all the parts a good surface for the later coats of paint to stick on to. Also giving all the parts a consistent gray coat allows for any imperfections from the sanding to show more clearly so we can take care of them (with more sanding … urgh)

Once all the surfaces feel good, the next fun stage of painting comes around! Here we finally get closer to the end stage and details of the piece finally starts to pop with the application of their respective paint works.

The main torso painted up had a good contrast between the inner bits with the dark grey and the armor portions which sit on it with a cooler grey-blue paint scheme.

Slowly but surely, the various detail elements were painted up and added onto the torso.

Final Shots

Finally, after almost 2-3 months of work on this project, Hammond’s Wrecking Ball mech is finally able to be rolled out!

Haven’t been able to find a good replacement (live or plushie) hamster to sit in the cockpit so this stand in would have to do!

Get Wrecking Ball for 3D Printing

If you would like to download the files for Hammond’s Wrecking Ball mech and maybe make one for yourself or friends, you can find the files here –

Do share the results with us if you do 3d print your own! 🙂



All rights for the original design belong to and are derived from the awesome Overwatch game by Blizzard. We’re always looking forward to the next cool stuff they do!


As always, happy 3d printing! =)

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