Creating the Dimir Locket from Magic the Gathering

And so this series of cool artifacts from the newly released Magic the Gathering set just came out and just knew that it would be fun to bring some of them to life! Here’s how the Dimir Locket was rendered and presented on the card itself.

3D Modelling

Next up – the piece was 3d modeled with reference to the card art. There’s not a lot of information from all around the locket so some parts had to designed based on imagination.

The 3d modelling was done in Rhino, and it was thankfully fairly easy to get a lot of the detailing onto the piece using the Project tool. The rotational symmetry of the 3 spikey bits also meant that it was just a matter of working on one and then duplicating two more.


In any case, this was what the final 3d model of the piece looks like. This was screen-captured from Sketchfab, where you can view the piece in 3d in your browser too here –

3D Printing

Next the piece was printed out on the ATOM 3d printer at a rather high resolution of 100 microns layer height, just to make sure that all the painstakingly modelled details were preserved.

Post Processing

With the 3d print of the piece completed and supports removed, it was on to the priming and sanding (repeatedly) stage to try to get the surface as smooth as it needs to be.


Here’s what the Dimir Locket looks like just before paint application – with a shading of black from the 3d print itself showing through while some of the grey primed areas remained on top.


Didn’t take any shots of the paint process itself but basically the paint work for this locket was done using hobby-grade water-based acrylics. The other portion of the locket then also had some cool blue/grey dry brushed over it to give it a more textured feel before that whole piece was top coated with a satin spray.

Hope you enjoyed the little walk through of the journey for this piece. If you would like to grab this model and 3d print it out for yourself. you can check out the Thingiverse link here –

Also, do check out our Patreon ( where we hope to release more models such as this and some where patrons will get early access!

Cheers and as always, happy 3d printing! =)


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