Fusion360 Quick Tip – Using the Shortcut Toolbar

When 3d modelling in Fusion360, it can be quite a pain to have to constantly keep going back up to the toolbar, clicking on a dropdown menu and selecting the tool/function which you would like to use next.

Or if you somehow cannot find the tool you need, and end up browsing through all the dropdown menus to hunt for it.

So instead of taking 2-3 clicks to find the tool you require, you can simply hit the “S” key to bring up Fusion360’s shortcut toolbar:

Once this pops up, type out the name of the tool you are looking for and the Fusion360 will list it out for you below (not quite shown in the screenshot here due to the way the screen was captured).

Your favorite tools can be added to this toolbar by moving the cursor to the extreme right of the row of selected tool when it pops up after being typed. This will add it to the list of icons in your shortcut toolbar.

To remove added tool icons, simply click-drag them off the shortcut toolbar.

Have fun 3d-modelling with Fusion360!

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