Designing and 3D Printing an Airbrush Spray Pot Lid for IKEA KORKEN Glass Bottle

Since planning to get back into some airbrushing again, had the thought that it would be great to also get a spray pot for cleaning out between different colors of paint used. They typically cost about $20 and look something like:

Typical Air Brush Spray Pot

Now, we could have gone out and just grabbed a store bought one. But hey, the glass container looked quite similar to an IKEA KORKEN one and we could probably just 3d design and 3d print the top bit. These jars typically come in the taller version but the shorter one can be found and had for S$2 so that’s the one we grabbed. Shorter is better for stability too.

IKEA KORKEN Glass Container

3D Designing in Fusion360

Since there may be quite a fair bit of measurement tweaking for this project, we decided to use Fusion 360 for this. Specifically, to leverage upon its parameters function to create variables for all the various dimensions we needed such that they can be changed easily as we go through the testing process.

Using Parameters in Fusion 360

At this point, the decision was also to tweak the design slightly and move the airbrush holder further to the front. This should allow us to avoid the clunky need to have some supporting legs prop up the whole setup.

Additionally, the lid and the “pipe” components of this design were deliberately modeled separately, to allow the lid to be printed upside down in a single print which does not need supports. While the pipe can be easily modified to allow for slight changes of its inner diameter, or overall length, for different airbrushes.

3D Printing the Spray Pot Components

With some rounds of testing to get the fit just right, we finally managed to get the parts just right. Here they are with the IKEA KORKEN glass jar which has had its lid removed:

IKEA KORKEN Jar and 3D Printed Parts

A quick assembly and test of the balance seems to show it working nicely:

Assembled Airbrush Spray Pot

Testing the Setup

The last (most rewarding) step of any build would be to put the design through its paces!

And it seems to work fab! We did not have to glue or otherwise permanently attach the pipe section to the lid as the fit was snug enough. Also, the entire assembly, while fitting nicely on the lip of the glass jar, could still be easily popped if we wanted to clear the paint in the airbrush into it. So that’s nice.

3D Printable Files

Early release STL files on Patreon:
Thingiverse Link:

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