Sculptris Quick Tip – Creating 3D Photo Posts for Facebook

With Facebook allowing for 3d photos to be uploaded now, here’s a quick trick on how to create this using Sculptris.

With a model either created/opened in Sculptris and then oriented to the perspective which you wish to show, go to the options button in the top tool bar:

In there, you will need to “Save Image” and “Save Depth Map”, using the two buttons shown here:

You will need to save the files in PNG format, with the image file name as “IMAGE.png” and the depth map file name as “IMAGE_depth.png”. That is to say, append “_depth” at the end of the latter.

With that, upload both images in a single post Facebook and it should automatically be able to recognize and generate a 3d photo post for you.

Now, as with most Facebook 3d photo posts, there will be quite a limited angle you can rotate to. Also, there will be some white artifacts behind the image when you do rotate your model to the extreme left or right:

White artifacts show from behind the 3d model when rotate to the maximum

However, this is quite a limited way of creating and sharing 3d content on Facebook. So additionally, to be able to share fully rotatable 3d content, one can always use SketchFab (this referral link should give you 1 month of PRO subscription) 😉

Have fun sharing your models! 🙂

(Credit for this original tip goes to 鄭彥民 via

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