Funbie Studios’ Patreon Page!

Been a little late on sharing this – but we’ve be coming up with and putting more hobby based (mainly Transformers) and other functional models up for download via our Patreon ( )!

Though a smaller slice of things, it’s a means to see if we can continue to put some of these 3d models that we so love to create online in a handy repository where folks can get 2-3 3d printable models a month and have at it!

Currently, to keep things really simple, there is only a single tier at $1/month or up, a price point which we hope can allow it to be as accessible as possible to most folks. So that the 3d models we create can go as far around the globe as possible!

None of what we do together can be possible without all the support everyone has shown – so thank you everyone for that and let’s hope we can continue to create more 3d printable models for one and all! =)

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