3D Printing Education and Courses

Having explored 3D printing for some time now, we are lucky have picked up some skills in this aread. But more importantly, is the good fortune to have come to know a handful of great folks who are enthused and equally passionate about this technology.

Over 2 years, the common question posed has always been “what does this technology mean for us all down the road?”

Frankly, we’re not sure. But darn this is exactly one of the open ended questions which tickles our jollies and dares us to figure it out the answer to ponder what this means for the consumer.

Very likely, seeking this answer requires a broader approach in first passing these knowledge and skills around; in continuing to share and educate the next generation. And then figuring it out together!

Indeed, we’ve done a couple of courses – and the common thread is that we never cease to be amazed by students who pick things up with the greatest ease, when they have not been told where the boundaries of possibilities lie, and then show us exactly what this means to them.

Hence, we hope to do what tiny bit we can in these case for spreading the 3d printing education and will be organizing some courses from time to time.

But if it happens that you are in this area and looking for courses, introductions or demostration into 3D printing, (for yourself, your children or your students, or otherwise), just drop us a line at education@funbiestudios.com and let’s see what we can do together! 🙂