ATOM 2.5EX 3D Printer [Kit]


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The ATOM 2.5EX is culmination of years of design and engineering experience. Its all-metal structure provides unsurpassed stability for excellent print quality, and its assembly manual guides the user through clear, easy-to-follow directions.





Parameters Data
Bounding Volume 42cm x 42cm x 76cm
Build Volume 22cm diameter X 34.5cm height
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm Standard (with option for 0.2mm)
Layer Thickness Min – 0.05mm (50 microns)
Max – 0.30mm (300 microns)
Filament Types 1.75mm PLA (recommended)
1.75mm ABS and others
Operating Temperature Range 160C – 240C
Dual Extruder Yes
Heated Bed Yes
Structural Frame 2020/2040 Aluminum Extrusions
CNC Steel and Anodized + ATOM Shell
Print via SD Card
Direct USB

ATOM 3D Printer comes with a 500g starter spool of ATOM PLA Filament

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