Torbjorn’s Turret from Overwatch



This is a model based on Torbjorn’s Turret from the massively popular Overwatch game. It has been scaled to sit at 50cm height.

Pieces have been sliced down to fit most 3d printers but if they are still to large, you can use tools like Meshmixer to further seperate the parts.

Assembly on where the parts go are in the images attached to this model.

Most pieces will not require support material, and works well printed at 0.2 or lesser layer height, 15-20% infill and with 3-5 shells.

Assembly of this model requires some PVC pipe of external diameter of 25mm to connect and give it structural integrity

Depending on your 3d printer and printing setting, you can expect to take anywhere from 100 – 150+ hours for all the parts.


Grab the Missile Pod and Shields to turn this model into full fledged Molten Core Mode here:


More about the build process is documented in 2 parts here:


All rights for the original design belong to and are derived from the awesome Overwatch game by Blizzard.

This model is not to be uploaded or sold in any form and is intended for personal use only.

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