Transformers God Fire Convoy / Fortress Maximus Master Sword



Didn’t manage to get one of these pieces with God Fire Convoy (GFC) in the past so well, here’s this is our take on it!

Standing at around 60cm tall, this massive piece separate into 6 parts for easy  3d printing. The main handle fits the larger GFC hand or any other large articulated hand well. The 4-lower sections of the lower blade, hilt, handle and pommel need to be connected using pieces of 3mm rod. It is recommended to use a stiff metal or acrylic rod for this, but if needed, a 3mm rod part is also included with the set of files which can be 3d printed.

Also, the top 2 sections of the blade have 5mm pegs/handles and can be used on their own.

This piece also fits Fortress Maximus pretty nicely and stand just a wee bit taller than he does!


All rights for the original Transformers designs belong to Hasbro.

This model is not to be uploaded or sold in any form and is intended for personal use only.

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