Transformers Swerve’s Bar from Lost Light




As there are many parts to this build, should explain a little about how the files are organized by folders inside the attached ZIP file:

+ Files in the main folder – These are the common files for the build.

+ “Solids” – These are the files which you can chooise to print if you have no intention of lighting up the bar. These are the solid versions of the bits with slots.

+ “Hollows-Inner” and Hollows “Outer” – These are the files you will want to print if you are trying to go for the lit-up look. Basically the Inner files should be printed in clear plastic to allow lights to difuse through.

+ “ContainersX4” Folder – These are the drink containers seen at the back of the bar, as well as the spigots. So you will need to print 4 of each part. The cylindrical container is best printed in clear plastic if you have that.


Happy 3D printing this one! =)


This model is not to be uploaded or sold in any form and is intended for personal use only.

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