Selected Projects

This is a useful little functional 3dprint which latches onto a 3 pin plug head (which has grooves down the sides) to make it easier to remove by simply pulling it out with one finger!

This is our take on Torbjorn's Turret from Overwatch, starting from 3D Modelling from scratch, to 3d Printing of the parts to final assembly and finishing. More on this project are in the 2 part blog post in the link below

A small clip to hold up a LED Light Module broke, so we were asked to help re-create it using 3d modelling and then 3d print a replacement.

A terrifying rendition of the Starcraft Baneling, wonderfully modelled by our pal Andy de Bruin! 3D Printed out and then finished off with post processing and painting.

A scaled-down model of a car park tower for a client - 3d modelled from scale blueprints, 3d printing, finished and assembled.

3D Modelled in Rhino, 3d printed and painted with cartoon accurate colours. Available on Thingiverse at

3D Printed Forstmourne from Warcraft, 3d printed, assembled, finished, painted and weathered. Model by Kirby Downey -

Halo Blaster model from Thingiverse, 3D printed, assembled and finished with paint job and weathering. Model by dan0nator -

Mini Planter Vehicles to hold air plants. 3D modelled in Rhino and 3D printed in white at high resolution.

3D printed and painted molecule as a commission for a client from an educational institution whom wanted it to be a showcase piece.

Idol of Many Hands from The Secret of Monkey Island. 3D Modelled in Sculptris, 3D Printed and finished with Metallic Gold Paint